DFM Day 4 – 7/5/09 – CLEVELAND, OH – GROG SHOP
July 6th, 2009

photo by Eric Johnson

Thank God for decent hotels with comfortable beds. I needed that sleep so bad. Comfort Inn lived up to the name and when we arrived at 5am they had just put out breakfast, which we ravaged like vultures before anyone else. Give it up bitches. Back in the slow van. We hit up a Sheetz. Todd wants to plug his phone in instead of the GPS because the shitty outlets didn’t charge his, and mine for that matter. Cage is getting pissed at Todd because he wants the GPS plugged in and Todd thinks his phone is more important. I decide to nap. We finally get into Ohio and find a cute outside mall called Legacy Village. Cheesecake Factory time. I get the chicken madeira which I always get when I go there and end it with a cherry cheesecake. It was phenomenal and always is. We get to the venue in Cleveland and I remember I’ve been here before. Same venue. CC extended brother Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die shows up to hang out with the boys. Never met him before but it doesn’t feel like it. Either way dudes start drinking immediately. Chauncey is making a nice elixir with Redbull, vodka, cranberry, orange juice and REAL cherries. We spot some Camu tags in this backstage area and take pictures. He always reminds us he’s around, somehow.

photo by Todd Westphal

Time for me to go on and this place is way more crowded than I thought it was going to be from the way it looked earlier. Everyone is pleasantly surprised. I found out that a roll of my stickers got stolen in NY. To the douchebag who did that, you really suck. Got up on stage with Chauncey, it felt good and certainly will get better. This was really the first show of the tour where we are actually away from home and it’s sinking in that we are on the road again. Interestingly we’ve almost all toured on totally different tours with different people before this one. It’s the new cast and a new era of CCWM. Life-party sans buzzkillers although someone always manages to try, unknowingly. Guess some people will never get it. Sean Martin is a musical genius. He plays synths and guitar during Cage’s set and it’s so good. Like really fucking good. After the show, everybody leaves and we take over the club. Chauncey jumps behind the bar and starts making drinks with the Bartender. Shots all around. A toast. So the van situation is getting fixed, hopefully, tomorrow because we have another day off. I want to go to the movies and maybe see Public Enemies while we wait. Next show is my favorite, Chi-town, but before that we’re off again.


4 Responses to “DFM Day 4 – 7/5/09 – CLEVELAND, OH – GROG SHOP”

  1. Prolific Memorie Says:

    Glad to hear things are going well. Hope “The Van” stays alive.God and everyone else knows “you and we” all need it! Camu is alive in all of you. Keep it up!
    Love you all Boys!

    Pieces of Later,

  2. Myclaim Says:

    good post Yak. Everyday i look foward to reading updates on how the tour is going. Thanks for doing this

  3. smashfacecory Says:

    show last night was awesome and was the first time i’ve seen you and cage live. i was not let down at all and totally hope you dudes come back soon to get wild again.

  4. chemist216 Says:

    Good show last nite man. Those are some great pictures too! The Camu tag is too dope. I remember the last time you were all there it was Camu, Cage, You and Lif. And Gas Galaxy is bangin too yo!

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